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You are going to survive Social Distancing

There is data that shows social distancing is working. While this is an introvert’s dream, for most of us, we became bored on day six and from what I’ve heard, your kids started driving you crazy by day four. Like many websites, I too have come up with some ideas when you just can’t watch another news conference or scroll through anymore Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Tick Tock videos.

First and foremost, keep yourself on a schedule. For the time being, this is going to be our new normal. The days will feel long if you don’t keep some type of regimen.

Want to get creative and help the community? Make homemade face mask. A friend of mine is making them for her community in Florida and has even gotten her grandparents involved. We all know commercially made mask are extremely hard to come by and N95 mask need to be saved not only for you but your fellow healthcare workers. Although we have heard and/or read that standard mask won’t help when it comes to COVID, but they don’t hurt either. There are free templates on Pinterest that you can print out along with just doing a search for face mask and checking out YouTube.

Get Outside. Most states have the “stay at home” and or “shelter in place” orders while other states are by county. Either way, you can still get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Just make sure you and your loved ones are staying six feet apart from the next family. 

Have a movie night with the kids. If the kiddos are in their teens, find movies you loved from the 80’s and make them watch. I for one loved Labyrinth, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Howard The Duck, Monster Squad, Big Trouble in Little China, Princess Bride, Raising Arizona, The Breakfast Club (really, anything that included the Brat Pack actors).

Skype with family and friends or have a virtual girls night using zoom.

Binge watch a new series. Seems like everyone is watching Tiger King. I, myself, am more of an Ozark season 3 fan and binged that in three nights.

Learn a new language. I for one would love to learn Spanish. 

Om…Om…Om. Have you ever allowed yourself to meditate. These days, there are several free apps and if you do your research, local instructors are offering free classes via zoom.

Clean up your computer; remove unnecessary and/or transfer documents to a flash drive, download photos from your phone to free up space.

C’mon, no one likes to clean but it is spring cleaning Season. Tackle that pantry, draw full of random items or the guest bedroom. Whatever it is, we all have a room or draw we keep shut and avoid at all cost.

Try a new recipe. You may find you have all the items already in your pantry. While it is extremely important for all of us to flatten the curve; you can still get groceries. Just make sure you aren’t making an unnecessary trips.

At the end of the day, just remember you are doing the right thing by staying indoors and only going out when necessary or getting some fresh air.

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