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The true meaning of inspiration!

As the Owner of a Healthcare Staffing Agency life can be very hectic. Myself and my staff are always working. We work for our nurses and allied staff, we work for the clients, and we work for each other in helping out where we can. We enjoy what we do, and we love making a difference in our own small way. But what really drives us are the times when one of our nursing staff shares with us a snapshot of their day, or their own observations regarding their experiences. So many times I know that I find the stories and experiences inspiring, and never before have we had a venue to share with everyone to show just how incredibly special we know that nurses are. Well, we have a way to share this now and it...

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Love is Timeless

Beautiful Story from one of our Nurse’s, Tiffany, who was taking care of a patient.  The story was so heartwarming that I asked her permission to share it with everyone.  This is the reason people become nurses, and why what nurses do for us is so very special.  They may have to see us at our very worst and still take care of us, but also at our best and take care of us!  Read and enjoy and to Tiffany, thank you for letting me share this poignant story of love! “I just took care of this lady all day that has dementia. She had a pathological fracture to her hip and they repaired it. She's 81 years old. Her husband is 82 years old and he is a doctor and still practices medicine. She knows...

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Melinda's Take on It!

In sitting down trying to write an interesting, thought provoking blog…I can’t help but think, well who am I to give ideas on trying to find balance in a daily life?  Of course what I realized is that I am the perfect person to do that, or rather take advice on finding balance.  Why you ask, because I, just like our fabulous and hectic healthcare employees who are always torn between 50 different things and aren’t quite sure where to begin or prioritize what is the most important task… finding balance is hard! But there you have it.  Like everyone else I realized that I was putting “the task” as the most important or prioritized list of what and how to find the balance in my life.  The definition of task, “a job or duty to...

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Customer Service in Healthcare

I was listening to one of our nurses the other day regarding pet peeves and it got me thinking about one of my own pet peeves - lack of customer service. Our nurse was talking about how she had been thanked profusely by a family member for taking such good care of her husband. Her response was that it was her job and that she loved doing it. Now maybe someone wouldn’t really think about that too hard, but with the experiences I have had lately, it was both refreshing to hear and troublesome at the same time. It was refreshing to hear someone state that they loved their job, and that they were just doing job but it’s more than that. I have observed a lot of people who just are doing their job, but...

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