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Melinda's Take on It!

In sitting down trying to write an interesting, thought provoking blog…I can’t help but think, well who am I to give ideas on trying to find balance in a daily life?  Of course what I realized is that I am the perfect person to do that, or rather take advice on finding balance.  Why you ask, because I, just like our fabulous and hectic healthcare employees who are always torn between 50 different things and aren’t quite sure where to begin or prioritize what is the most important task… finding balance is hard!

But there you have it.  Like everyone else I realized that I was putting “the task” as the most important or prioritized list of what and how to find the balance in my life.  The definition of task, “a job or duty to be done, syn. Job, duty, chore, burden, undertaking, mission, responsibility…” well you get the idea!  That is what we do, we are task oriented types of people, and that is great and efficient but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for ourselves and the pursuit of just… being.  You know, just being able to relax and read a book, or relax and watch a great movie, or relax and get a massage or a facial, or a walk or biking, or …oops see I’m already making a task list of things to do for relaxation!  Sometimes things don’t change easily, but the point is that you recognize it, and understand that it’s okay to take care of all of your tasks, and to make lists to accomplish things, but it’s also very important to take care of yourself and to work on trying to get that balance for yourself because you are vitally important to so many people, and if you aren’t taking care of yourself, how can you take care of others or anything else?

That’s my take on it and I would love to hear from all of you on some ideas you have or do to relax and take care of yourselves.  Until next time…go relax!



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